History of Chinatown

Eat, drink and shop! There is more to Brisbane's Chinatown than meet the eye.

Did you know in 1996, Chinatown mall was used in Jackie Chan's movie – First Strike, where an elaborate stunt car chase through the mall ended up smashing through a second floor window and into the pagoda that once featured in the middle of Chinatown.

Chinatown was first opened by Brisbane Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson on Chinese New Year in 1987- the Year of the Rabbit.

Designed by architects and engineers from Guangzhou, China, the Chinatown mall incorporated pagodas and traditional Chinese archways that reflected China's ancient Tang Dynasty.

Although Chinatown began as a mall between Wickham and Ann Street, Chinese busineses began to grow throughout the inner Fortitude Valley area, that now see Chinatown stretching from Alfred Street to Gipps and Constance Street.

In 2009, the Brisbane City Council re-constructed the Chinatown mall at a cost of over $8 million.

While the traditional old pagodas that once feature so prominently in the mall has disappeared, the archways that dominate both ends of the mall and the diverse Chinese businesses continue to remain in Chinatown today.